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Events at Pelican Cove are formally communicated in four ways. Not all events are included in all venues, so it is best to check all four.

The Pelican Cove Website: pelicancovecondo.com is available to the public, on a limited basis, and to all residents who request a password. The site has Board of Director and Committee information as well as information about all the Board Recognized Groups. General information about the grounds and the condominium association is available on the site.

The Pelican Cove News: The Pelican Cove News is published on a monthly basis/10 issues per year. Articles include an insert with a calendar of events on one side and the university classes on the other.

Community Bulletin Boards (3 kinds): Official Bulletin Boards located at the PC Office, Harbor Club, Pelican Pavilion and (single) boards around the property for Board meetings and other PC official business; Outdoor Bulletin Boards (grouped) which contain Board Recognized Group/Club flyers for their various events; and Owner/Resident Bulletin Boards inside Harbor Club and Pavilion for owner ventures and businesses.

The name of biweekly movie is posted on the doors to the Pelican Pavilion.

Important Information

Location: Community Channel 195

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