The Legacy Program
One way to give back to Pelican Cove
What is The Legacy Program?
The Legacy Program offers an opportunity for individuals or families who choose to express gratitude for the joys of living in Pelican Cove, or for those who further desire to support the community and its facilities or activities, to make a donation.  The Cultural Events Program we enjoy, the grand piano, our well-equipped Pavilion kitchen, many large trees, fruit trees, and several benches throughout the grounds came about through the generosity of past or present residents.

Also, as the main heading above suggests, funds have been, and can be donated via a will or trust. The prime recipient of a past bequest is our Cultural Events program.
How does The Legacy Program work?
The Legacy Sub-committee of the Finance Committee, in conjunction with the Board and PC Management, is responsible for oversight and coordination of all donations and gifts to Pelican Cove.

Five funds have been set up to receive and manage donations or gifts. When a PC Committee, established by the Board of Directors, has oversight of a specific area or activity, it may be consulted or may recommend acceptance or use of a particular gift. Some examples appear in the first paragraph, above on this page.

In addition, our beautiful bay and grounds have benefited from projects partially funded by The PC Fund to Preserve Little Sarasota Bay, which is managed on behalf of PC by The Community Foundation of Sarasota County.

What are The Legacy Program Fund areas? Are they tax deductible?
The Pelican Cove Fund to Preserve Little Sarasota Bay,established and managed on behalf of PC by The Community Foundation of Sarasota County is the one fund to which donations are tax deductible.

The other four Legacy Program Funds are not tax deductible funds:

  • Arts, Music & Education Fund
  • Buildings, Facilities and Recreation Fund
  • Landscaping Fund
  • Unrestricted Fund

Are there guidelines for how the Legacy Funds may be used?

In 2008 the Board established The Legacy Fund Sub Committee of the Finance Committee. This subcommittee,working in conjunction with the PC Management, has responsibility as follows:

  • Communicating and marketing The Legacy Program
  • Soliciting gifts and managing gift acceptance for the Legacy Funds
  • Administering The Legacy Program Guidelines
  • Maintaining records of donations to and expenditures from the Legacy Funds

 A full details may be found in the Legacy Program Guidelines, posted here, and included in the Gifts and Solicitation, Book of Tribute, Expenditures. Also, an informational brochure entitled Preserve Little Sarasota Bay, is posted here and available from the PC Office.

Tell me more about the Pelican Cove Fund to Preserve Little Sarasota Bay

The Pelican Cove Fund to Preserve Little Sarasota Bay was established in 2008 at the request of the Pelican Cove Condominium Association as an advised fund at the Community Foundation of Sarasota County. The purpose of the fund is to improve and protect the environment of Little Sarasota Bay Watershed and the water quality in Clower Creek and the Bay. The fund will also promote educational opportunities to help restore the ecological balance of these natural resources for the people of Sarasota County. A full description of the fund is available from the Pelican Cove office in following document: Request to Established an Advised Fund at the Community Foundation of Sarasota County.

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